Day 3 of the Advocare 24 day Challenge


And so begins Day 3 of my challenge.  Today I am more tired than I have been all week.   I don’t know if the lack of food (especially carbs) is finally catching up with me or if its just the hump day blues. I am drinking my Spark now and even with all that caffeine, I am still sleepy!

I hurt too.  My legs hurt, my feet hurt and of course my back (which always hurts)hurts.  I was trying to think what I did to cause this?  Well I ran to the bathroom which is about 178 steps away (according to my fitbit) probably 8 times yesterday.  This is coming from a girl who used to get up from her desk only 1 or 2 times a day.  I was so concerned with (pardon my french) peeing so much that I did some research on it.  Turns out, a lot of people while on the cleanse portion of the challenge (the first 10 days) pee a lot.  I guess it has to do with all the water we are drinking and releasing toxins.  I even jokingly posted on Facebook that I was going to invest in Depends.  The comedian Jay Mohr and his wife once wore adult diapers around the house to see why their son didn’t want to potty train.  They enjoyed wearing them, but I don’t know if I could for real!  What else did I do yesterday that made me hurt today?  Oh yea.. I put together a little mini bike peddler and then last night I was on it for about 15 minutes.  I am actually going to bring it into work so I can pedal on and off all day.  That is probably why my legs are hurting.

mini cycle

Yesterday for dinner, I tossed my chicken in a little bit of salsa and added some jalapenos.   I had a salad on the side.  I actually stayed full until about an hour before bed, so I had some fruit then.  It wasn’t too bad.  I had a black cherry sparkling water by Dasani.  It was really good.  Drinking a carbonated beverage helped a little with my Coca Cola cravings.  If you don’t know me, you don’t know how much of a Coca Cola girl I am.  My kitchen is decorated with Coke signs and memorabilia.  I have Coke silverware, plates, bowls and glasses.  I even have old bottles of Coke as decoration. So the hardest part of this challenge, for me, is  not drinking Coke. I know I will not be able to give up Coke forever and I don’t want to. But not drinking it for a while will hopefully kick start my metabolism.

So the rest of today is going to be pretty much the same as yesterday. Once again I brought shredded chicken and salad for lunch today and will have some variant of it for dinner.  I also brought  some fruit for a snack.

One thing I have noticed while taking this challenge is that I eat every single thing I make for dinner and do not leave anything on the plate.  My poor dogs are used to me saying “a bite for me, a bite for you” but now I cannot spare anything for them and they are stuck eating their own food. That is probably better for them as well.  I have a yorkie and a maltese and both are 8 lbs.  The maltese should probably be about 6.5 lbs. She is a little piggie 🙂

I leave you with an idea I had for a recipe.  I did not find it anywhere, just came up with it.  So for a snack, I am allowed some unsalted almonds.  Those can be boring.  What I am going to do is I am going to put some on a baking sheet.. sprinkle some olive oil over them and then put some cajun seasoning, garlic and maybe some cumin and paprika and roast them.  That will make the almonds feel more like a snack and less like cardboard!



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