Day 5 of the 24 day Advocare Challenge


Today is day 5.  We are supposed to weigh ourselves on the 10th day but I went ahead and weighed myself this morning.  I have lost 11 lbs so far!  I am so excited but also a little hesitant.  I have a tendency to lose 5 lbs, gain 6 lbs, lose 3 lbs, gain 4 lbs and so on. I am worried that it might just be water weight and it will all come back easily.  I am going to be good and not weigh myself again until the 10th day.  We will see if this stays off then.


So last night I was so excited about going to my work gym.  All my coworkers gave me directions as to where it is.  I rode the elevator down to the basement and followed the directions and couldn’t fit.. I finally found it down a lot further than they let on.  I have back and knee problems so when I got to the gym, I was in a lot of pain already.  No one was in there and in fact the lights were off (yay!).   It’s about the size of a hotel workout room with 2 treadmills, a bike and a stepper/glider (not sure of the real name).  There was a fan in the room, so I immediately turned that on because I was already sweating.  I got on the bike and at first I was happy. I was able to put both feet on the pedals!  Then i tried to pedal.  I was fine on the downswing of the rotation but when my leg got to the upper part, it brought my leg up to high and too much of a bend and HURT a lot in both knees and weirdly in my calves.  I tried to push through it but only made about 3 minutes.  DANG!!!  The pedals are too high for me on this bike too!!   The search for a bike fit for me continues.

When I got home, I still had to cook my chicken breast, so I didn’t get to eat until almost 9.  I don’t believe that old saying about not eating after 8.  Especially when I don’t go to sleep until 1 or 2am. But I had a chicken breast marinated in lite Italian dressing with 2 pickles.  I was actually full for the rest of the night and did not need any snack.  Instead I drank my Hint pomegranate water which is so good!!

hint water.jpg

Today, I had the mandarin orange spark (I’ve been drinking the fruit punch all week). I like fruit punch better but the orange is not bad.  For lunch I had my mexican shredded chicken and salad and for dinner tonight I will have Italian chicken and salad.


Here is my recipe of the day:

Here I go again…..







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