Day 7 of the Advocare 24 day challenge

I have survived an official week on this challenge.  That’s a week without junk food and carbs. Today wasn’t a bad day except once again, I found I couldn’t fit breakfast in.   I woke up around 1:30, let the dogs out and had my Spark.  Then I had to get a shower and get ready to go to my mom’s for Mother’s day.   I had lunch at 3:30.  I just had some pulled chicken I made in the crockpot last night.   Later, my mom and I went to go see my grandma and I discovered that the subway carved turkey salad with jalapeños and banana peppers is really good!


This could be dangerous because now I know I can grab this quickly instead of cooking at home.   Home cooking is always healthier. 

Speaking of home cooking, when I made the pulled chicken in the crockpot I wanted it to be barbecue pulled chicken.  I found a sauce low in calories and sugar (Guy Fieri Kansas City sauce)  and I mixed some of it with 3 big chicken breasts and a cup of water and some spices.    I cooked on high for 4 hours absolute even I took it out and shredded it,  the barbecue sauce had cooked off.  It was flavored really good though. no recipe today because I am writing this on my phone while still at my parents’.

“Just keep swimming”- Dory


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