Day 8 of the Advocare 24 day challenge


Today is day 8 and I am back at work. Walking more than I did all weekend has caused some pain in my legs and back.  One thing I have noticed though, is that at work, it is easier to drink water (except for the fact that I have to walk further to the bathroom).  I think it is because I am sitting at my desk with no where else to go.  At home,  I don’t have the water right in front of me and especially this weekend I was constantly on the go. I need to work on drinking more water at home.

Another thing I need to work on is my exercising.  Since I have had trouble finding a recumbent bike I can ride, I have slacked off on doing any exercise, even my little bike peddler.  Since on Thursday I will be heading into the Max phase of the 24 day challenge, I think it is important that I start exercising. That will hopefully kick off even more lbs!

dog gym

Today I actually had breakfast! (an apple)  and of course my Spark and my fiber.  For lunch I brought in shredded chicken and salad.  Tonight I am supposed to visit a friend, so I may stop at Subway again and get the Carved Turkey salad.  It was good yesterday and it was less than 300 calories for the whole meal!

Speaking of calories, my “coach” told me that I did not have to count calories while I am on this challenge.  However, I use MyFitnessPal and I like to put in what I eat every day.   I am finding that most days I am not even eating 1000 calories. MyFitnessPal will not even let me close the day out because it says I am not eating enough. I just hope that all the weight I lose doesn’t come right back because it is not normal for someone to eat less than 1000 calories.


Recipe of the day:  (I don’t have a wok, but I bet a regular skillet would work too)

Keep pluggin’ away!



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