Day 9 of the Advocare 24 day challenge

Woohoo!! Day 9.  Tomorrow is the last day of the Cleanse part of the challenge.  Thursday starts the Max portion.  I will give more details then but it basically involves drinking different things and taking different supplements.  The food will still be the same.

Speaking of food, I had a very interesting dinner last night.  I was visiting a friend so I decided to go through a Subway that has a drive-thru. It was raining and hard to hear when ordering but I told the girl that I wanted the carved turkey on a chopped salad, no cheese.  She asked “What veggies?” I told her I wanted banana peppers and jalapenos.   She then asked if I wanted it chopped which I thought was an odd question because it is a chopped salad.  I said yes. I asked if she had any light dressings and she said Light Mayo which would’ve been gross on a salad so I said no dressing.   I paid for it and glance at it through the bag. I only saw the very top and it looked OK.  I went to my friend’s house, opened it and there was NO lettuce!!  She gave me a “salad” consisting of chopped turkey and peppers.  I guess when she asked about the veggies, I didn’t specify the lettuce.  I assumed that when you say you want a salad, the lettuce is a given!!  But you know what happens when you assume things.  It actually ended up being different and good. It didn’t even need any salad dressing. But still….wow…really

I do my grocery shopping online and I use  Giant Eagle’s curbside express.   It is so easy, I just pull up, they bring my groceries to me and I leave.  One thing I have noticed is that my bill is getting less each week. The first week I had to stock up on spices and meat and just about everything because I used to eat out way too much.  The 2nd week  I just had to replace a few things.  This week I have even fewer things to replace.  That is nice because I always thought eating healthy was expensive.   Anyone who has a Giant Eagle near you,  boneless chicken breasts are on sale until Thursday.  They are $1.99 a pound.   I am stocking up!  last week I paid 5.99 a pound!  I bought some carb smart wraps so I can make fajitas this coming week.  They are multi grain and on the Max portion of the challenge, I am allowed that in moderation.  Yay!

I ate the same things as I always do today with one exception.  Instead of an apple for breakfast, I had a handful of nuts. Tonight, I am going to my 4  year old niece’s talent show.  She is going to sing, so it should be adorable.  I will not able to have dinner until afterward though.  I will probably eat some fruit before I leave work just to tide me over.


Today’s recipe:



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