Day 11 of the Advocare 24 day challenge


It is day 11 of the challenge.  That means I made it through the Cleanse phase! Woo hoo! Now I am in the Max phase (refer to yesterday’s blog to see what the difference is.)  So they say to weigh yourself and do measurements at the end of the Cleanse phase.  Yesterday I was very happy to discover that since last Monday, May 2(through Wednesday May 11), I have lost 16.5 lbs and 8.5 total inches (that’s a total of different measurements)!!  I think I can safely say this Advocare thing works! One funny thing I realized is that the weight I lost is the exact sum of my two dogs’ weights. So it is like I was carrying around Axel and Bree all the time and now I am not 🙂


So onto the Max phase.  The first thing I noticed this morning is that there sure is a lot of pills to take.


In the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast, I have to take 3 Catalyst pills, 1 thermoplus and I packet of pills labeled Yellow that had 4 pills in it. (what they are is listed on the Advocare website)  Then 30 minutes before lunch, I had to take the second packet of pills labeled yellow with 4 more pills.  With lunch I take the other two packets which  have a total of 6 pills.  Then at dinner, I take my 2 Omegaplex pills.That is 16 total pills every day for the next 14 days.  It is good thing I have no problem taking pills!

For breakfast today, I had the meal replacement shake. It was hard at first to drink it just because it said it has 220 calories and 12g of sugar.  I have been trying to avoid sugar for the last 10 days.  I mixed it up with some unsweetened almond milk and it is good.. At first I thought it was too sweet but I think that is just because I wasn’t used to sugar.  But it tastes like a real chocolate shake! It will be yummy having these for the next 2 weeks.


My food has remained the same. In fact last night, I fell asleep before having my snack, so I still haven’t tried a frozen fruit smoothie yet.  I might do it tonight.  I brought pulled chicken and salad for lunch and tonight I am going to have chicken and salsa with Jalapenos and a pickle for dinner.

Here is my recipe for today.  There are 2 recipes at the bottom.  The first is a chicken gyro that sounds good and then a chicken stir fry. I would do it without the shrimp and rice:



Keep going!


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