Day 14 of the Advocare 24 day challenge

Wow!  Day 14 means there is just 10 days left! Of course when the challenge is over, I can’t go pig out.  It will be nice not to have to think about when to take pulls and at what time.  Weekends are really hard to fit all the food in.  Today for lunch, I had a berry and almond milk smoothie.  It was actually kind of gross but it was quick and easy.
So my recumbent bike came friday.  I thought it would be easy to put together…boy was I wrong!


I spent several hours trying to put it together on Saturday…and then some more today.  It is still not done.  The hardest part was getting the tension wire connected.  All the websites said to put it on the lowest tension and it would be long enough….they were wrong.  I had to use a wrench to make part of it bigger then I could slide the pieces together.  I should get this done on time to do some exercising.. I hope!


Tomorrow is back to the work week.  I will look for some more recipes to post then!

Go go Power Rangers!


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