Day 15 of the Advocare 24 day challenge


Day 15…and yes it is Monday.  I am having a serious craving attack for noodles so bad right now!  I was torturing my self by going to different food websites and looking at pictures of noodle dishes.  It only succeeded in making me hungrier! I am afraid my craving for noodles is going to derail me.  I found a wheat noodle dish at Noodle and Co. which is only 350 calories plus grilled chicken. I may have to get that soon.



So far today I have had my Spark and my breakfast shake.  I will be eating lunch in roughly a half hour.  I brought shredded chicken and salad.  Tonight for dinner I am going out to eat with my cousin for his birthday.  I just have to make sure I look at the menu ahead of time and see that wherever we go has something I can eat.  It’s going to be weird being out to eat and only drinking water!

So this weekend, it took me several hours across Saturday and Sunday to put my recumbent bike together but I finally got it done Sunday night.  Then of course, I  noticed that the timer takes 2 AAA batteries, which I do not have.  You can use the bike without that though.  I got on the bike and I was able to pedal which is HUGE for me.  However, I could only do it for about 5 minutes before everything in my legs started hurting.  That is ok though, I will start with 5 minutes and just keep stepping it up until I am pedaling for 30 minutes!  Wish me luck!

This recipe looks so good and I have all the seasonings but thyme.  I wonder if that one matters that much.  Here it is:

Keep going



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