Day 16 of the Advocare 24 day challenge

Day 16.. Less than 10 days left of the challenge.  Woo hoo!  People keep asking me if I feel different.  I really don’t.  However, I saw my cousin yesterday and she said my skin looks really good right now and everyone has commented that my face is thinner. Also a guy I work with told me that before when I would walk to the bathroom, he would hear me huffing and puffing when I came back before he would see me. He says he doesn’t hear me doing that anymore.  I guess I am not a good gauge of whether or not I am feeling better because I still have pain in my back and legs and I want it to be completely gone right away. But it will take time, I know that.


Yesterday was my cousin Brian’s 29th birthday and the family went out to dinner to celebrate at Longhorn.  He is moving to Florida in a couple of months so I wanted to go out and celebrate with him but I was worried about what to eat.  I ended up getting the Chicken Strawberry Salad.  I ate everything but the strawberries and the onions. It was really good and healthy too! It had grapes and mandarin oranges  on the salad along with chicken breast of course.  It had a raspberry vinaigrette as the dressing which tasted so light it was barely there.  But that was a good thing.  I had water to drink. That was the first time I have ever gone into a restaurant and not had a coke! Now I know I can still go out and eat the healthy way.


Today’s recipe is a dessert.  I would not put lime in mine:

Never stop never stoppin’



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