Day 18 of the Advocare 24 day challenge


It is day 18 of my challenge.  Tomorrow starts my weekend!  Woo hoo!  I am off work tomorrow through Monday. The reason why is for Rock on the Range. Rock-on-the-Range-X-2016

Rock on the Range is a 3 day concert event in Columbus Ohio at Crew Stadium.  There are 3 stages and just tons and tons of bands playing.  With my mobility issues, I usually just stay at the main stage in my seat.  But even then I am seeing over 20 bands all weekend.  I have gone every year.  It is so much fun!  When I started the challenge, I let my coach know that I was doing this and it will affect how I eat those days.  This year I am not going on Sunday, so it will only affect 2 days of my challenge. What I would do in previous years is wake up early and leave around 9:30am. I would take 2 deli turkey sandwiches on Brownberry sandwich thins (instead of bread) (sandwiches made with turkey, jalapenos,  and light miracle whip) and usually a coke and some cookies.  Then I would try to not eat anything all day but water (sometimes I would have a soft pretzel) then around  6 or 7pm I would have a granola bar and then on the way home at midnight I would stop at Mcdonald’s or someplace like that.  My coach told me he doesn’t care about the sandwiches (although this year I am using carb smart wraps and chicken hunks) or the granola bars.  He just doesn’t want me having the coke, cookies and Mcdonald’s.  So I will make my dinner for the next 2 days tonight and just heat it up when I get home from the concerts each night.  I am not sure how I am going to work in all the pills, but I will try my best.

So last night I did something sort of bad.  When I was getting ready to make dinner, I did not want to heat up my chicken.  I was craving noodles so bad.  So i opened my freezer and at the bottom was a bag of Garlic Chicken Voila.  If you have never seen this, it is basically noodles with hunks of chicken and vegetables.


I told myself I was just going to look at it.  So I pulled it out and read the nutrition on it.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was only 240 calories for 1 cup(cooked) and  had 6 grams of sugar.  So I thought to myself,you know what, this will really satisfy my craving for the noodles, so I cooked it.  I picked out all the carrots because I cannot stand cooked carrots and neither can my dogs.  I forced myself to eat the broccoli (which I also hate) as a punishment for the noodles.  I measured out 1 1/2 cups and had a salad with it.  Can I just say it was wonderful! Afterwards, I did feel guilty but my craving has been sated. There is another another cup and half left.  I am not sure when I will eat that.

Tonight for dinner, I am making chicken salad with light miracle whip instead of mayonnaise.  I have onions and walnuts to put in it as well.  I had to buy a nine grain wrap with chia because they were out of the multi grain wraps.  I hope it tastes as good.

Today’s recipe:  (I am not sure about this because I don’t know how Shirataki noodles taste, but they have 0 calories and fat and look good!)


Keep it up!



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