Day 24 of the Advocare 24 day challenge!


It is day 24… the last day of my challenge!  wooo hooo!!!  I will weigh and measure myself tonight and report back tomorrow.  Today I met with my “coach”  about what to do after the challenge.  He pretty much said what I was already planning on doing.  Just keep eating like I am eating.  Get some cardio in each night and he wants me to continue with the shakes and spark.  I am going to check on the price but I don’d mind the shakes.  It is a lot easier than figuring out what to eat for breakfast every day!

One thing that was nice was when I walked in, he told me I looked a lot smaller.  That is always nice to hear!


I forgot to mention my dinner from Monday.  I was headed to my friend’s house, so I stopped at Panera bread and got their strawberry poppyseed salad.  It had chicken, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries and walnuts in it.  With the strawberries removed and a poppyseed dressing on top, it was really good!!

panera bread salad

Last night I had shredded chicken, salsa and jalapenos in a 9 grain wrap with chia.. and a pickle.  I also tried almond butter for the first time.  The kind I had was a in a packet and was called Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter.


I only squeezed out half, if that, and ate it on an apple.  From what I could tell it wasn’t much different than peanut butter.  I am going to try it again tonight but if its not life changing, I probably won’t buy it again  because it is really expensive.  It was $1.50 for the tiny packet I had.

For the recipe today, I thought this looked good. I would use a low carb multigrain wrap though:

This is the end… my only friend…the end



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