The day after the Advocare 24 day Challenge

high five

Ok everyone… High-five me! ūüôā I am done with my challenge and I have the results…..


In 24 days, I lost 24 lbs! Overall, I lost 14.5 inches (that’s combined bust, waist, hips and upper leg.)

So the question you may ask  yourself is:  Does the Advocare 24 day challenge work?   I would say yes.  I am living proof.  Now granted, I do not know if the supplements I took are what really helped or if cutting down what I ate is all I needed to do.  Either way, the challenge kick-started me to do both and the results are successful.


I would like to talk a little about the 24 day challenge. ¬†I know that when I started it, I spent a lot of time googling things I can eat and reviews, etc. ¬†Every blog I read mentioned that when you are the cleanse phase that the Fiber drink was horrible and they were glad it was only for a few days of the cleanse. ¬†That always confused me because mine was to be taken every day during the cleanse and mine had no taste. ¬†So I realized, they have changed the Fiber drink. I got the one with no flavor and just mixed it with ¬†my fruit punch spark in the morning. ¬†I had no problems with it. ¬† Another thing I read was that a lot of people were worried that by doing a cleanse they would be running to the bathroom every five minutes to go “number 2.” ¬†That was not the case. ¬†Even with all the extra fiber, that part of my life was pretty normal. ¬† However, upping my water intake plus the extra caffeine in the spark did make me have to go “number 1” pretty much all the time! ¬†I got used to it after a while and do not go as often now. ¬†Another thing I read was that some people did not like the taste of the shakes. ¬†I don’t know if they changed those as well, but the chocolate shake tasted just like a regular chocolate shake. ¬†It was so good. ¬†Since my coach wants me to stay on the shakes, I actually just bought vanilla and chocolate peanut butter. ¬†The last thing I want to mention is that I had no side effects from all the supplements.. I read that some people developed rashes and others got sick from all the vitamins. ¬†I don’t know if those people have allergies to some of the ingredients or what but I had no problem.

I will continue this blog because even though my challenge is over my “weight loss journey” (as they would say on a reality show) is not. ¬†I may not post every single day anymore, but I will hopefully entertain you with my trials and tribulations!

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