Life after the Advocare Challenge

Hello everyone! It’s been a few days since I ended the challenge and a lot has happened.  I think I have made healthy choices through it all.


The first thing I want to mention is that I had ordered 2 different kinds of the meal replacement shakes to get me through the next month.  I ordered chocolate peanut butter and vanilla.  I have not had the vanilla yet but I wanted to describe the chocolate peanut butter.   It smells like a Reese’s cup when you open the packet!  I mixed it with some unsweetened almond milk and took my first drink.  At first the taste of peanut butter was overpowering.  But as I drank it more and more, it was really good.  I am a HUGE fan of chocolate peanut butter things and I think you would have to be to enjoy this.  I cannot wait to drink it at home when I can make it into an actual shake with some ice and my handy Bullet (blender)!

Now to get on with my life after the challenge.  Last Wednesday I wanted to go do a second day of water aerobics, so I went to the Groveport Rec Center and and was getting ready to pay for the class when I clarified “You do have the 6pm Water Aerobics class, right?”  The girl said no.  The class that night was the Water Zumba at 6:15pm.  Now when I hear Zumba, I think advanced movement and dance so I was too scared to try it by myself.   I asked I could stay to watch and ended up waiting quite a while.  The class did not start until 6:30pm because most of the class members where talking in the lobby for a while.  In fact,  just over hearing them, it felt very clique-y.  They were watching people walking in and debating over whether they looked liked “Zumba people.”  These were women mostly in their 50’s and 60’s doing the debating.  So finally I watched the beginning of the class and I almost wished I had done it.  It is not really water Zumba.  It is more like water “slow dance movements  underwater.”  I think I could’ve kept up easily and it probably would’ve been right up my alley.  I am going to try it soon.

Thursday I made tacos.   I bought 98% lean hamburger (because I cannot stand turkey burgers) and I bought an Old El Paso taco kit.  I made the tacos per the directions and just added some salsa into the meat.  I ate 2 tacos with jalapenos on it and a cup of frozen steamed corn.  The dinner was really good.  The sad part was that I fell asleep on my couch at 10pm and woke up at 6:30am and realized that I had not put away the taco meat. Since it sat out for so long, I had to throw the rest away!


Friday, my mom and I went to Tumbleweed for dinner.  They brought the chips and salsa which were always my downfall before.  I didn’t deprive myself, but decided to eat 6 chips with some salsa. For dinner, I had their grilled chicken with barbecue sauce on the sauce, corn on the cob and a salad.  I did not eat the bacon, tomatoes or croutons on the salad.  I had fat free french dressing.  To drink, I ordered water.   By habit, I almost ordered a coke but I caught myself.  It was really good to be able to eat out and have it not be too bad for me.

Sunday, I went to a cookout at a friend’s house.  This was the most temptation that I have had to experience yet.  I brought a chicken breast for my friend to grill for me and I brought my own salad and dressing.   I also had some watermelon.  There was a bag of lays sour cream and onion chips on the table in front of me.  I decided not to limit myself and had 1 serving of those (about 17 chips).  Then later, we were playing a card game and there was a bag of Smart Food Spicy Jalapeno Ranch popcorn.  I ate a serving of that as well.


Even with eating those extra things that I have not had in a while, for the whole day I was still under 1000 calories.  When I got hungry later at home, I just drank two cans of sparkling water.  The important thing to remember for that day is that even though there were cookies, macaroni and cheese, buttery corn on the cob and fried chicken, I did not touch any of those things.

Monday I had a cookout of my own that turned into a cook-in because I could not get my grill to work!  But I ended up making a chicken breast with barbecue sauce to dip and corn on the cob with I can’t believe it’s not butter Spray butter.

So even though I have eaten a lot of corn in the last week, I still think I have made healthy decisions and I will weigh myself in another few days and see where I am at.  Wish me luck!




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