My life

Hello everyone.  It’s been a while since I blogged, so I thought I would share the continuing saga that is my life 🙂

Last Thursday I had steroid injections in my back.  It involved putting a giant needle in my back.


'No no!! Not that one... The BIG one on the top shelf!!'

When the nurse was prepping me, she had me lay on the table on my stomach and pulled my pants down, exposing my butt as she prepped my lower back.  The doctor walked in and said “Are you ready for this?”  and I said “I have assumed the position.”  He thought it was funny.  As they injected the steroids, there was a lot of pain and then afterward, I felt stiff and numb.  I think it has helped though.  I no longer feel the bad pain in my lower back, but now I feel the pain that is in the rest of my back!

Friday, my mom and I went to the grand opening of the Tanger Outlet Mall in Sunbury, Ohio and I got to meet the Property Brothers! (from HGTV)

I don’t think I could’ve walked all around the mall without the back injection that I had.  That day, according to my fitbit, I walked around 2.4 miles!

One thing that is really important is the choices made when eating out.   At the mall, my mom wanted Starbucks, so I asked for water.   She ended up bringing me a strawberries and cream frappacino (no coffee in it).  They made it with skim milk and the whole thing was about 350 calories.


Let me tell you.. it was soo good.  I haven’t had ice cream or any cold treats in so long and after being in the hot sun all day, this was really good!  Later that day, I had a Panera chicken and strawberry poppyseed salad for dinner.   Then a few days later, my friend wanted to go to O’charley’s.  There is nothing on the menu (unless you like fish which I do not) that is low in calories.  Even the salads have crazy amounts of calories, etc.  Finally i found that any hamburger can be switched out for a grilled chicken breast.   So I got a cajun hamburger but subbed the chicken breast and ate it without the cheese and bread with a side salad.   I was proud of myself for finding something that I can eat.


This morning I weighed myself and I have lost 42.9 lbs since May 1.  Let’s hope that momentum keeps going!!

Bye for now!



Bricks are falling


I did not take the picture above but found it on the Yelp page for the Pickerington LongHorn Steakhouse.  I went there Saturday after a full day of swimming with my mom.  We sat in large booth because it was one of the only tables left.  It was the kind that you have to scoot around and you can usually fit a lot of people.  We both ordered the Grilled chicken and strawberry salad and the firegrilled corn.  Since they do not consider the salad an entree, the corn was $4.79 each!!  First when the corn came out, it was like field corn.  The kernels were very close to the cob and it was tiny!.  Mine was actually still cold like it had not been cooked at all.  So the manager brought us each 2 ears of corn.  Then when we started to eat our salad, they had not put the raspberry vinaigrette on it,  nor had they given us any.   So they had to bring that out.  Finally I was ready to start eating and all of sudden I feel something hit my back.   There were kids at the table next to ours and I thought maybe they had thrown something at me.  So I looked down and there was a brick sitting on my back.  It was probably a 5 lb brick that was 10-12 inches long and had fallen down from the wall that you see in the picture above.  I do have a bruise but luckily it doesn’t hurt.  I think the only thing that saved me was the fact that it must’ve bounced off the back of the seat because there was a big white mark on the seat.  I just kept thinking what if a small child or a baby had been sitting there?  Or what if it had me on the head.  So they comped my meal only (not my mom’s)  and took down my information for an accident report.   Needless to say I will not be going back to that location.


In better news, I weighed myself yesterday and I have lost 37.4 lbs since May 1.  Tonight, I will be doing water aerobics again.  Wish me luck!


My ongoing life

So I realized I haven’t done a blog in a while.  I wanted to celebrate the fact that I have now lost a total of 35 lbs since May 1.


I got the results back from my MRI on Monday.  They told me that I have arthritis (duh) and the beginning of degenerative spine disease.  They want me to get an epidural steroid injection to see if that helps with the pain.  They do it over 2 different times.  So I will be getting this done June 23 and July 13.  I am a little scared because they insert a giant needle in my back.  I hate needles! I just hope it makes me able to walk and stand without pain!


Last Monday, I did water aerobics.  I got there early, so I decided to swim before the class.  there was no one else in the pool so I was swimming back and forth, dog paddling and breast stroking the whole way.  I swam for about 30 minutes before class.. Then once the class started, I realized that was a mistake. All the muscles I had overworked by swimming were the same muscles I was working in the class. I was so sore afterwards! It was fun though and I am going to do the aerobics again this coming Monday.

One thing that has been hard is finding things to eat when I do not have time to cook.  This week, I think I ate out too much. Last Saturday at my parent’s house, we had Domino’s pizza for dinner.  It was a medium pizza and I only had 3 pieces plus a salad.  Sunday, I went out to eat with a friend to Mongolian BBQ.  Normally I would’ve gotten mostly pasta with some chicken on top and I would’ve gone back up for a 2nd bowl.  This time, I had carrots with french dressing and then I just got a bowl of chicken. I put a couple of noodles on it but not many at all.  That is all I had.  Monday, after aerobics, I was heading to a friend’s house, so I stopped at Wendy’s and got a side salad and a spicy chicken sandwich (no bun). Tuesday I was going to the movie theater, so my friend and I wen to Champps.  It was hard to find something to eat on their menu. I finally settled on 3 grilled tacos in soft corn tortillas.  I asked for no cheese and sour cream and instead of chips and salsa, i got a side salad.  Thursday I had to run around after work so I got Wendy’s again (same as before)  Tonight(Friday) is going to be the first night where I can actually cook a homemade meal.   I think  I am still making decent choices even though I have been eating out too much. I just hope it doesn’t affect the scale!


I was the meat in a robotic sandwich

The title of this particular blog seems a little strange right? Well it will all make sense once I explain.  Yesterday I had a MRI to look at my back and see if they can tell where the pain is coming from.   I am claustrophobic so I asked if I could do an open MRI.   An open MRI looks like two hamburger buns held up by robotic arms and you are the  meat that goes in between.


So first they let me pick what kind of music I want in my headphones.  I told them 80’s hard rock. They said the headphones would help cancel out the loud noise of the machine.  Then they had me lay on the table and put a wedge under my legs.  I had 2 pillows and a wedge under my head.  Luckily I was going into the machine feet first.   She started to move me into the machine and when my head was just barely sticking out, I asked how much further.  She said “a ways more.”  Then she proceeded to push me in all the way.  Because my head was propped up so high, my nose was about an inch from the ceiling.  I started freaking out!!!


So they pulled  me back out of the machine and move the pillows out from under my head so I wasn’t so high up.  Then they put a washcloth over my eyes.. Since I couldn’t see how close it was, I tolerated it.  Then they turned the music on.   Shortly after, they started the MRI.  It was so loud, it drowned out the music sometimes.  The funniest thing to me was the very first song it played was “In the still of the night” by Whitesnake.  I just kept thinking,” yeah this machine is not very still!”

I had to lay still though.  I was in there for an hour!!  My legs and back were so stiff from laying without moving.  Several times, I felt like I was in there so long that maybe something had happened.  I worried that all the people had left and I was just stuck in the machine for the rest of the night.   It is crazy where your mind goes when you are already terrified.  Finally it was over!!


On the way home, I stopped at a place called Mezze on Henderson Rd because I had never been there before.  It is basically like Chipotle but with Greek food.  I got a salad with some gyro chicken on it.  I put some of my own carrots on it and it came with Tzatziki sauce which is good on chicken but not on lettuce, so I put french dressing on it.  It was really good and so filling!

mezze salad

That was my adventure with an MRI.  Hopefully there will not be a next time with an MRI (ever again!)

Life after the Advocare Challenge


Well, I discovered something about myself this weekend.   I cannot stand being at a country bar!  My cousin is moving to Florida in a few weeks so he had a going away party that started at Quaker Steak and Lube.


I had never been there before and let me just say the food was really really good!  I had  the small portion of their Grilled boneless wings with Buckeye BBQ sauce and a side salad with Italian dressing.  The menu was full of things that the old me would’ve eaten in a heart beat (such as Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese.)  The people I was with got Nachos and loaded french fries as appetizers.  I had 3 nacho chips with chicken and jalapenos on them(I stayed away from the cheese)  and I had one plain french fry (I don’t like all the loaded stuff anyway.)  So I didn’t feel left out or limited in what I was eating.  Afterward we all went to a country bar called Tequila Cowboy.


When I first walked in, I thought it was O.K.  It wasn’t too crowded and the noise of people talking covered up the music playing in the background.  There was a mechanical bull in the corner and it was fun to watch people ride that.  I tried to sit on one of their stools and was unable to.  Because I have knee and leg problems, I do not have the ability to hop up on a stool anymore.   My cousin found a short chair for me.  It was very embarrassing sitting in a short chair between all the high stools.  Then a live band began playing.  That is when I realized that my hatred for country music was going to outweigh any love I have for my family and hanging out with my cousins.   I tried to entertain myself by watching the middle aged women dance horribly to the music but then people stood directly in front of me and I couldn’t see anything.  I then tried to entertain myself on my phone but even that became boring.  I think I lasted about 2 1/2 hours and then my cousin Brian said he was going upstairs to some pool tables.  I turned to my other cousin Megan and asked “Do we need to still be here?”  She agreed so after checking out the karaoke bar WannaB’s which is attached, we left.  She promised to come  pick up my cousin Brian when the bar closed.  I had never been happier to get into my car and turn on Sirus Satellite radio on the Hair Nation channel.  I sang the loudest I could to “Love Song” by Tesla and I had my cousin Megan laughing at me the entire time.  At least, now I know that any time someone invites me a country bar again, I can say “No!”

So the next day I weighed myself in the morning and found that I have now lost 29 lbs since May 1!!


So I am happy to say I am still on track and will keep on keepin’ on 🙂