My ongoing journey

3 Days Journey-blank

Guess what everyone! I have now lost 60.6 lbs since May 1!  I would like to tell you that it gets easier the longer you do it, but trying to be healthy is hard! There are so many choices to make and if you make the wrong one, it can throw off your whole day!  For example, today at work, they provided us with a free “make your own salad” bar.  I decided since I only brought a chicken salad wrap for lunch, and I am going to Aqua Zumba after work, to go get some.  I got lettuce, carrots, a couple of croutons, some nuts and Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing.  The only other dressing they had was Ranch, so the one I chose was the better of the two.  I got back to my desk and looked up the calories of the dressing and it was 100 calories for 1 oz.  The ones I usually eat range from 35-60 for 1 oz!


Another decision I had to make occurred yesterday.  A friend is in town that I haven’t seen in a while so I was going to get together with her and some other friends and go to dinner.  They decided on Olive Garden.  Now on my birthday, I splurged and let myself have regular pasta without any bad consequences but I was trying to stay away from Italian restaurants in general.  So I looked up the menu and decided to get the Rosemary Garlic chicken and a side of pasta.  The salad was good and the side of pasta was good.. in fact it probably had too many calories for me!  But I will tell you now:  NEVER get the Rosemary Garlic chicken.  It is so gross!! Not only does it taste nothing like Rosemary or Garlic (it had more of a Balsamic flavor), but the texture was rubbery and had a bunch of chewy gristle pieces in it.  Nothing nauseates me more than biting into a chewy gristle-y piece of chicken.  That was the only thing on the menu that wasn’t 700+ calories (except for fish, which I do not eat).

I made a good decision last Friday.  My mom had to take my dad to the doctor and since they were out already decided to meet me for dinner at Los Jalapenos.  I brought my own low carb wraps that are only 50 calories each and only ate 2.  It was so good!

I have found that if I buy snacks for my house such as potato chips or even flavored almonds, I eat them until they are gone.  But if I don’t have them at home and just eat them at parties, etc, I only eat few.  I am going to have to make sure I do not buy anything that will tempt me. It feels like it took a lot longer to lose the last 10 lbs then it did the first 50.  Doctors, friends and relatives all tell me that I will slow down and not lose the weight as fast as I did at first.  But I WANT to!!  So I am going to keep pushing for it!


Another bad habit I need to break is weighing myself.  I have started weighing myself every day several times a day and obsessing over it.  I need to just weigh myself once a week!  that way I will give the water aerobics and Aqua Zumba time to work 🙂

Luckily the shots in my back seem to have worked.  I still have pain but it is nowhere near what it used to be and I am able to move around a little more.  I actually went to the grocery store the other day and walked around pushing a cart.  I haven’t done that in about a year! I was using the Giant Eagle delivery service where they bring it to your car.  I will still do that because it is convenient but it is nice knowing I CAN walk around if I need to.

I am still drinking the Advocare shakes for breakfast and Spark in the morning.  It is so expensive.  The shakes come in a box of 14 for $44.95.  I usually do not eat them on the weekends so that comes out to be  $180 a month (roughly) for breakfast.  So if anyone wants to donate to my cause, I won’t say no 🙂

Ok it’s time to keep on keepin’ on!



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