Still going!


They say nothing outlasts the Energizer… but I have to say I am rivaling it 😉  It took me 1 year and 1 week to lose the 100 lbs. I waited a little while and then on June 24,2017,  I got my first tattoo!

my tattoo

Each of the stars represent 10 lbs lost (for a total of 100 lbs).  I chose stars because of the song “Shooting Star” by Bad Company.  The chorus goes:

Don’t you know, don’t you know, Don’t you know that you are
a shooting star,
Don’t you know, oh, yeah, Don’t you know that you are
a shooting star, yeah,
And all the world will love you just as long,
As long as you are, a shooting star.

This has a lot of meaning for me.  It tells me to aim high and I will go far as long as I keep trying.  Never give up.  I think this really defines me.  I have been noticed for my tenacity at work and with friends.  Some people may see my determination as stubbornness, but I think it is more positive than that.  It has helped me lose the 100 lbs in 1 year and 1 week!

The tattoo did not hurt as badly as I thought it would.  The topmost star hurt the most but other than it, it was more of a mild pain but I could deal with it. Of course now this opens the possibility for other tattoos.. but they would have to have special meeting for me.. I wouldn’t get one just to get one!

I am still on my weight loss journey.  Since the 2nd week in May, I have been stuck at 103 lbs lost.  Getting the tattoo meant that I wasn’t allowed to swim for 2-4 weeks, so I have not been to water aerobics or Aqua Zumba (I go back starting this Wednesday and I am very excited about that.)  I am actually thinking about doing another 24 day challenge through Advocare to kickstart my metabolism again.  I probably will not lose 24 lbs in 24 days this time because when I first started it last year I weighed more and I was giving up things I had never gave up before like Coke.  Now I haven’t had a coke in about 14 months.  Amazingly I have not craved it.  Thankfully, I did not go through caffeine withdrawal.  I still have an Advocare Spark every weekday that I am at work and it has a lot of caffeine.  I think that has helped.

I am still following my new year’s resolution and trying to be more positive about life in general.  It has really helped me to be a happier person in general.  I am also attempting to be more social.  I have attended so many concerts this year and it was has been so much fun.  I have reconnected with old friends and made new friends.. these are things I have not done in ages! I got back into supporting local music which has been a lot of fun.  I have taken on more responsibilities at work too.  Good things are happening all around!

I will continue to update my blog as time goes on.  I actually haven’t set a goal as to how much weight I want to lose but I will know when I reach it 🙂 for now  I am just going to keep going!


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