Over halfway to my first goal

C: 2010 --  July.

Happy summer everyone!!  (no that’s not my dog in the pic above.. I think Bree would be way too scared to swim. I think Axel would like it though(he’s a Yorkie.) So my summer has been going pretty well.  I celebrated my birthday this past Saturday.  We went to Buca di Beppo’s and I had a cheat day.  It felt so good to have pasta and then a piece of birthday cake!!  The amazing thing is, I weighed myself the next morning and so far, since May 1, I have lost 54.8 lbs!!   My first goal is 100 lbs so I am more than halfway there in less than 3 months.  I hope hope hope I can continue at this rate!

Below is a picture I made.   On the left is me on 7/17/15 and on the right is me 7/16/16.  I am wearing the same outfit in both pics.. I hope this shows that I am going in the right direction 🙂

me 1yr and 2 days


Last thursday, my boss bought a cake to celebrate the July birthday and they bought a fruit plate for me! I thought that was so nice. It was hard to resist the cake because it looked so good, but I knew I was having cake on Saturday so i resisted.


Last Wednesday I got my second set of epidural shots in my back.  I think/hope it is  helping.  I am able to stand longer and walk further, but my legs still aren’t strong enough for long walks.  That is why I have been swimming a lot and doing water aerobics.  I may even try Aqua Zumba this week!

aqua zumba

I’ve been trying to stay around 1100 calories per day.  Some days it is less than that.  Even on my cheat day (my birthday), it was only at 1600 calories.  So hopefully I can continue this journey and reach the other half of my goal by this fall!