Bricks are falling


I did not take the picture above but found it on the Yelp page for the Pickerington LongHorn Steakhouse.  I went there Saturday after a full day of swimming with my mom.  We sat in large booth because it was one of the only tables left.  It was the kind that you have to scoot around and you can usually fit a lot of people.  We both ordered the Grilled chicken and strawberry salad and the firegrilled corn.  Since they do not consider the salad an entree, the corn was $4.79 each!!  First when the corn came out, it was like field corn.  The kernels were very close to the cob and it was tiny!.  Mine was actually still cold like it had not been cooked at all.  So the manager brought us each 2 ears of corn.  Then when we started to eat our salad, they had not put the raspberry vinaigrette on it,  nor had they given us any.   So they had to bring that out.  Finally I was ready to start eating and all of sudden I feel something hit my back.   There were kids at the table next to ours and I thought maybe they had thrown something at me.  So I looked down and there was a brick sitting on my back.  It was probably a 5 lb brick that was 10-12 inches long and had fallen down from the wall that you see in the picture above.  I do have a bruise but luckily it doesn’t hurt.  I think the only thing that saved me was the fact that it must’ve bounced off the back of the seat because there was a big white mark on the seat.  I just kept thinking what if a small child or a baby had been sitting there?  Or what if it had me on the head.  So they comped my meal only (not my mom’s)  and took down my information for an accident report.   Needless to say I will not be going back to that location.


In better news, I weighed myself yesterday and I have lost 37.4 lbs since May 1.  Tonight, I will be doing water aerobics again.  Wish me luck!