I was the meat in a robotic sandwich

The title of this particular blog seems a little strange right? Well it will all make sense once I explain.  Yesterday I had a MRI to look at my back and see if they can tell where the pain is coming from.   I am claustrophobic so I asked if I could do an open MRI.   An open MRI looks like two hamburger buns held up by robotic arms and you are the  meat that goes in between.


So first they let me pick what kind of music I want in my headphones.  I told them 80’s hard rock. They said the headphones would help cancel out the loud noise of the machine.  Then they had me lay on the table and put a wedge under my legs.  I had 2 pillows and a wedge under my head.  Luckily I was going into the machine feet first.   She started to move me into the machine and when my head was just barely sticking out, I asked how much further.  She said “a ways more.”  Then she proceeded to push me in all the way.  Because my head was propped up so high, my nose was about an inch from the ceiling.  I started freaking out!!!


So they pulled  me back out of the machine and move the pillows out from under my head so I wasn’t so high up.  Then they put a washcloth over my eyes.. Since I couldn’t see how close it was, I tolerated it.  Then they turned the music on.   Shortly after, they started the MRI.  It was so loud, it drowned out the music sometimes.  The funniest thing to me was the very first song it played was “In the still of the night” by Whitesnake.  I just kept thinking,” yeah this machine is not very still!”

I had to lay still though.  I was in there for an hour!!  My legs and back were so stiff from laying without moving.  Several times, I felt like I was in there so long that maybe something had happened.  I worried that all the people had left and I was just stuck in the machine for the rest of the night.   It is crazy where your mind goes when you are already terrified.  Finally it was over!!


On the way home, I stopped at a place called Mezze on Henderson Rd because I had never been there before.  It is basically like Chipotle but with Greek food.  I got a salad with some gyro chicken on it.  I put some of my own carrots on it and it came with Tzatziki sauce which is good on chicken but not on lettuce, so I put french dressing on it.  It was really good and so filling!

mezze salad

That was my adventure with an MRI.  Hopefully there will not be a next time with an MRI (ever again!)