My life

Hello everyone.  It’s been a while since I blogged, so I thought I would share the continuing saga that is my life 🙂

Last Thursday I had steroid injections in my back.  It involved putting a giant needle in my back.


'No no!! Not that one... The BIG one on the top shelf!!'

When the nurse was prepping me, she had me lay on the table on my stomach and pulled my pants down, exposing my butt as she prepped my lower back.  The doctor walked in and said “Are you ready for this?”  and I said “I have assumed the position.”  He thought it was funny.  As they injected the steroids, there was a lot of pain and then afterward, I felt stiff and numb.  I think it has helped though.  I no longer feel the bad pain in my lower back, but now I feel the pain that is in the rest of my back!

Friday, my mom and I went to the grand opening of the Tanger Outlet Mall in Sunbury, Ohio and I got to meet the Property Brothers! (from HGTV)

I don’t think I could’ve walked all around the mall without the back injection that I had.  That day, according to my fitbit, I walked around 2.4 miles!

One thing that is really important is the choices made when eating out.   At the mall, my mom wanted Starbucks, so I asked for water.   She ended up bringing me a strawberries and cream frappacino (no coffee in it).  They made it with skim milk and the whole thing was about 350 calories.


Let me tell you.. it was soo good.  I haven’t had ice cream or any cold treats in so long and after being in the hot sun all day, this was really good!  Later that day, I had a Panera chicken and strawberry poppyseed salad for dinner.   Then a few days later, my friend wanted to go to O’charley’s.  There is nothing on the menu (unless you like fish which I do not) that is low in calories.  Even the salads have crazy amounts of calories, etc.  Finally i found that any hamburger can be switched out for a grilled chicken breast.   So I got a cajun hamburger but subbed the chicken breast and ate it without the cheese and bread with a side salad.   I was proud of myself for finding something that I can eat.


This morning I weighed myself and I have lost 42.9 lbs since May 1.  Let’s hope that momentum keeps going!!

Bye for now!